Monday, December 27, 2021

Find your Purpose- Looking ahead to 2022!


How do you find your purpose?

About this time of year people start to think about goals for the new year. They want to eat healthier, lose weight and work out more. Don’t we all! Many times these goals turn south quick when people see how hard it really is- people also set career goals and set a goal for how well they can do in the new year. 

Now- I do admit that I set goals similar to all of these above. Many times I fall right into the lie that I can accomplish all these things. I do think there are people out there who actually complete the goals- they lose that 15lbs, they get that job they wanted and they find that relationship they have been waiting on.  Through all these, though I think we miss one important question and it’s the biggest question in the universe- What’s my purpose? 

Throughout the year we do things to try to finish these goals we set, but what if we miss something. What if we miss our purpose?

Do we really have an answer to that age-old question? Every day I ask myself what my purpose is? What’s the purpose of trying to lose weight or eating healthy or going to work every day? Do I find purpose in what I do? Somedays yes, other days no. If we do t find purpose isn’t this when we quit? Isn’t this when we fall short of our goals? 

When challenges hit us we think to ourselves- how am I supposed to keep going? This isn’t what I signed up for! 

I can’t get rid of this last 10 lbs- what’s the point? I just can’t get that promotion, it’s impossible to make everyone happy here. Those are all statements that we have made in the past- go ahead you can admit it. 

When it leads you in a different direction what do you do? Do you look for purpose?  Are there little things in your job, in your pursuit for a healthier year, or in your relationships that show purpose? Are you looking for that? Or are blindly searching? 

Many of us will continue to search. Personally, I continue to search every day for purpose in my life and in my job. I struggle with challenges that hit me and question myself if I’m fulfilling the purpose that was set out before me. 

As you prep for 2022 and begin to set goals or set resolutions- don’t forget to think about your purpose. Look for those little things each day that lead you to that. If it isn’t right you will know- redirect your vision and move in a different direction. Remember that most times it will be harder before it becomes easier. 

We each have a purpose- once you find it don’t let go! 

Here’s to a blessed 2022 for each of you! Get those goals ready! Go get ‘em! 


Sunday, December 5, 2021

Who you do want to be?


Every morning when we wake up we have 1 of 2 thoughts- Today is going to be a good day, or here we go again- it's just another day. We are trained to have one of those thoughts crawling through our mind and either way you go depends on many things- situations, circumstances, people you are around job that you work, or the plans you have for the day.  
Each day the question we should be answering is NOT- What's my day going to be like, but WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE TODAY? 

Who do you want to be today? 
    *Do you want to be someone who helps another?
            Or a burden to someone else?

    *Are you going to teach someone something new?
        Or are you going to let them hang out to dry?

    *Are you doing something good today?
        Or are you pushing the wrong buttons?

Many times it's all about our mindset and how we train our minds to think.  We all have dreams and goals. Some of us write it down while others have them in their head.  Whether we all admit it or not- we all want to be somebody.  We all want to feel valued, worthy of what we are doing.  It starts with a mindset.  

You have the ability to change your trajectory for the day.  You have the ability regardless of your situation to change the outcome of the day- I believe in you, someone out there believes in you. No matter what your situation is- You can be who you want to be?

Does it mean you can be a doctor? Or a lawyer? Or a parent? NO- We all have special gifts that were given to us. We all won't be able to be doctors, we all won't be able to have kids or be professional athletes.  But what we can do is BE who we are supposed to be! BE who you are meant to BE.  

My challenge for you this week is to Change your mindset. When you wake up each morning -ask yourself the question- Who do I want to be today?  What kind of difference am I going to make today for someone else. I promise if you do this- every day- your world will be a better place! 


Monday, November 22, 2021

Why not?

 Many days I get to ask the question why not?  When we come up against brick walls or challenges or barriers many times we just crumble and decide that we cannot make it over the wall, and cannot get through the tough times- I almost always ask the question- WHY NOT? 

Life if hard.  The last couple of years have been really hard.   In our own lives we need to take more looks in the mirror and ask the question why not?

Why can we not change?  When you hear- I can't do that, or that can't be done- Ask the question why not?  How many times did the Wright brothers ask that question, How many times did Michael Jordan come up against a challenge and asked why not?  Tom Brady(who I don't like) continues to be told he's told old and can't do it- He asks why not every day!  Do you think Albert Einstein ever asked that question?

As I work in the education field every day there seems to be more and more barriers to kids learning and teachers teaching.  Change is hard. When things are not going right we fall back on- well that's the way we have always done it or we can't do that, it won't work, or that's too hard, we don't have the right people to get it done, or no one will go for that- I ask- WHY NOT???  Why can't we do that? Why can't it work?  

Every day as you get out of bed ask yourself the question- Why Not- See how it applies to your own life, to your motivation every day. 

A wise man(my old football coach) once told me that if you are not getting better you are getting worse.  Always ask the question- Why not and see where that takes you!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving- I'm thankful for all of you! 

Thankful for my crew- that I continue to ask- Why not!


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

When was the last time...

 When was the last time you told someone thank you?  When I say told someone, I mean really told someone Thank you!  

When was the last time you told someone you loved them?  When was the last time you told someone you cared?  Did you do it by phone? Text? Handwritten note? Or did you do it in person? 

It's been a while since the last time I was on this blog. I've missed it. I've missed sharing my words with others.  I'm excited to share my thoughts with each of you over the next year.  I'm looking forward to allowing you to think and hopefully improve yourself through these little notes. 

So I ask you again- When was the last time you listened?  When was the last time you just closed your mouth and listened to someone talk about what they need?  How often do we do that?

When was the last time you looked your significant other in the eye and just told them you cared about them?  Have you told your kid that?  Have you really told them you care about them or is your face buried in your phone?  

I know the last couple of years have been tough- I myself have personally dealt with difficult things. Why can't we still look people in the eye, why can't we still tell our kids that we love them, why can't we be there for each other to listen. 

I challenge you this week- Tell someone thank you- Be specific. Tell them why you are thankful for them. Just see how it makes you feel. Tell someone face to face how much you love them. Look at your kids, tell them how important they are to you and how much they mean to you. 

**I am so thankful to be back blogging.  I look forward to feedback and also look forward to sharing my thoughts with you! 


Saturday, December 31, 2016

#OneWord2017 BE

We as human beings are busy. We are always running around because we are so busy. We have schedules and things that we always have to do. 

What if we didn't have schedules? What if we took time to just BE or to just sit and reflect? How would our kids react? What if we stopped worrying about what the next thing was we had to do and just worried about the present?

In my job, there are times where I am going from place to place. There are days when I get pulled in many different directions and talking to many different people. I go home and still struggle with staying away, keeping up and making sure that everything is done for the next day.

I as a father, Christian, husband, educator, among other things, I have to take time To Be. Just BE. Stop what I am doing and Be. Be the leader, the father, the husband I need to be. Take time to just sit and BE. Relax and refocus, refresh. Be the role model, Be the one person that listens, that when a student needs help or someone to listen to I can Be that person. 

I plan to use my one word to BE in 2017.  

I hope each of you have a fruitful and blessed 2017.  



Sunday, August 21, 2016

It will all work out...

Last week we welcomed BLHS students into the hallways at the high school for the year 2016-2017.  The year is finally underway and there is much learning to do.  As we approached the first days I thought about what could be a good way for kids to voice their goals for the year.  After talking with one of my teachers we came up with this idea!  What is your HOPE?  

So I ask this question- What is your HOPE for the school year?

My three HOPES for the year:
1. That everyone Encourages each other.
2. We all come with a positive attitude every day.
3. We are all committed to doing our job

The HOPE runs wild at the beginning of the year of many school districts.  Kids are excited to be back, teachers have lesson plans ready and shiny new toys.  Everyone is hopeful for a new year. Sometimes that hope goes away. It loses its shine. Hope fades in and out. What can we do to help our students and ourselves from losing the HOPE.  

One of my favorite lines is, "It will all work out."  If we can keep the HOPE, encourage each other and commit to helping each other.  It will. So I Encourage you today to KEEP YOUR HOPE.  Keep it for the year, Because it will all work out!

- @BLHS_Principal

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Encourage, Attitude, Commitment

As I start my new journey as the lead servant of Basehor Linwood High School in August I have started to think about what I can do to help teachers, students and community members come together to help each and every one of our kids be successful.  Success can be measured in many different ways and each student can take many different paths in order to get there.

To help myself focus I always try to think of words or phrases that help simplify things.  After speaking to a few of my building leaders three words kept coming up: Encourage, Attitude and Commitment.  

Doesn't the below statement say it all.  As staff members we can encourage daily.  Build kids up don't tear them down.  No matter what is happening we can encourage them to do better.  As students we can help each other become better by being a positive encouragement for that kid that is having a bad day.  We can be that one person that made them smile for the day.  As parents we can make the most impact. Tell your child to keep up the good work, tell them to keep working hard. Tell them good job!  Encourage them.  As teachers and adults we must look at the good things and don't always focus on the negative!

There is a saying out there that says, Misery loves company.  It is so true!  We have to come to work, school and home each day with a positive attitude.  Is everything going to always go your way?  NO!  Will things change if you sit around and pout or complain or think the world is against you? No, many times they will get worse and you will accomplish nothing.  Let's face it, not everything is going to go your way. Trials are daily in your life.  There are always hardships that do not seem fair, sicknesses that don't heal, or people that are just plain mean to you. You have the choice to think positive or not.  How you decide will effect others around you look on life also!


In or out.  You're either with us or against us.  Commit to doing the right thing.  What is the right thing for your child?  What is the right thing for the student?  Can you commit to doing what is right even when it is the harder thing to do?  There are rules and regulations that we all need to follow, but we can together if we commit to doing the right thing.

Encourage, Attitude, Commitment.  Together we can do what is necessary to help all of our students. And each other!



Have a blessed day!