Thursday, April 17, 2014

What if it did?

What if it did?

As a parent, have you ever heard that question? I have a hard time believing that if you have had a 5 year old that you haven't.

How important is that question? What if it did? 

What if every kid asked that question? What if all people asked that question?

What would happen if every time a kid asked that question he/she wasn't ignored or shot down?

As parents and as educators we are so quickly to worry about standards, what we have to get done, or what our priorities are we forget to stop and answer the question.  Kids ooze of creativity and we squelch much of that by just not answering the simple questions.

Ken Robinson, an author/educator has a fantastic TED talk that I would encourage you to watch. It talks of how schools can kill creativity.  Here is the link: How schools kill creativity.

1000 questions.  My daughter must ask a thousand questions. Why dad? Why is it? Honestly though it is the most beautiful thing to see her little mind work.  We need to take time to stop and answer the silly questions, the non important questions.  Rmember, what is important to you as a parent/educator will be important to your child.  If you don't read books, how do you expect them to do so.  If you sit in your room and watch TV do you expect them to do something different? If you use curse words or talk bad about other people, how will your kids respond? If you ignore their questions won't they eventually stop asking any? What are we doing to our kids?

Parents are the most important people in a child's life.  We can make such a difference, we can show our kids love and build up their self confidence more than anyone.  As Educators we shouldn't put down questions.  What's wrong with a kid questioning why something is like it is?  What's wrong with kids thinking outside the box?  We want to push critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.

My son loves his animals.  He plays with them all day, moves them around, they talk to each other, fight each other and hug each other.  He is using his imagination.   I would hate to take that away from him.   Every student has a dream.  We need to work to enhance that not squash it.

So the next time your child asks you a question, take a second to answer it.  Pay attention. Be a role model.  Remember-What's important to you will be important to them.

What if it did?

Have a Blessed and wonderful Easter weekend!


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