Monday, April 27, 2015

Trust and Hope

Trust can be difficult.  Trust is something that can easily be broken.  Trust is something that takes times to rebuild.  We have opportunities each and every day to earn trust and gain it from individuals that we work with.  We also get the opportunity to teach trust-How do you learn to trust.  Many of our students may come from homes where trust doesn't exist.  Parents are separated, siblings are sent different ways, among other things.  There are so many situations that we may not know about that students don't know how to trust.

We as educators have a job- to teach children. Not to just teach them how to write essays, how to read, how to figure the square root of the 2nd power to the 3rd(No idea what I just wrote:)), but to teach them how to live. Teach them how to look towards the future and know that it is good.  Teach them to TRUST and have HOPE.  We have to give them that security to work hard, strive, be motivated and be Special. That is our job.

One question to ask yourself tonight:

What are you doing in your classroom to teach "Trust" and to inspire Hope?

Have a great week!