Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Future...

Sometimes we forget what it means to look ahead.  We are so worried about the past, the present and what might happen.  We worry about what the future might look like and sometimes we go through our daily lives and work without a plan.  At my high school we try to take the approach of moving forward in a Vision kind of way.  Together as a staff we spent 2 years coming up with our Vision Statement and goals.  We changed, suggested, argued, and agreed on what was best for our staff and our kids. Here is what we came up with:

BLHS Vision Statement:
BLHS, through high expectations and a rigorous and relevant curriculum, will work together with the community to ensure each student will: 
*Become responsible citizens and leaders in family, community and work settings. 
*Maintain a positive lifestyle and accept responsibility for one's actions and successes 
*Develop and use effective communication skills. 
*Be provided with a safe and supportive learning environment through communication and cooperation with the community.
*Incorporate acquired knowledge while continuing to empower themselves to achieve challenging goals.

This past August we decided it was time to review these statements and see if this is still what we wanted for our students. Is this where we want our kids to be in 5 years? We came up with some interesting ideas of where we want to head to. Here is what we want our kids to accomplish in the next 5 years:

*Emphasis on Real-World Experiences for Struggling learners *Career Pathways courses drive curriculum *Further our ability to prepare students for career pathways *Digital Literacy for all students *Continue to be innovative *Students will become self starters and more independent learners *Students understand how to be civil with one another *Helping students learn to communicate digitally  *Service learning projects available for students * BLHS CTE programs lead into career placement, vocational training, professional cert. *Be the premier Career and Tech Ed. school in the KC Metro *Cross Curricular opportunities *Higher level classes *Technology is the tool not the goal *Digital Citizenship for all students*Graduate financially literate students *Increased student accountability *Helping less academic students find their careers *Focus on personal accountability, personal care for others *Integration of technology *Encourage students to be self-motivated and take control of their own education *Peer-counseling and acceptance *Become responsible citizens without losing personal identity *Challenge based learning *Students become critical thinkers *Having lessons built around career possibilities *Let kids take risks without fear of failure

I feel blessed to work with such an awesome staff. To see the vision of the staff moving forward for our kids. It is great to see that our group of teachers do care for them and can envision what each and every kid is going to need to be successful in the future.

The Question is-What is your Vision? What is your Dream? Are you worried about what might happen or are you working together to put some plans in place.

Do you see 2 cardboard boxes or do you see 2 Airplanes 
ready to take off??


Friday, October 2, 2015

Social Media is not the enemy....

Social Media is not the enemy...
Social Media is not the enemy. Say it one more time-Social media is not the enemy.
We as educators and parents in today's world think that many times Social Media is the problem with our world and the reason our kids are getting in trouble, getting picked on, etc.

But I will pose these questions to you as a parent or an educator:

Have you ever talked to your kids about proper use of Social Media?

Do you check your son/daughter's social media accounts?

Do your kids have access to it and do they really need it? Why are they using it?

Are you setting good examples on your Social Media?

Do you use Social Media?

True- Many people around the country mis-use Social Media.  They use it for bullying, taunting, and telling lies about other people and themselves. They also can hurt themselves by posting inappropriate words, pictures and videos and can cost themselves jobs, scholarships and even relationships.  Movie stars and so called celebrities use it to sell themselves or to put down others.

Is this the fault of Social Media????

The world today is changing every second.  More people are on Facebook than live in China.  Twitter is where all my professional development comes from. Many times all it takes it a quick "tweet" to connect around the world.  We need to help educate not only our students-But Educate OURSELVES on how to use Social Media.  

Don't let your kids go in blind when using Social Media

Social media is not the enemy. We as adults need to take responsibility to teach our children values, how to use Social media properly, how to talk to people, how to be respectful, how to be loving towards others.  Don't use Social Media as an excuse, don't say you don't have time, don't say you don't want to be in your child's private life.

Social media is a tool that we as responsible adults and students can use to learn, enhance our future and share our story.

How will you use it?  

It's all about them...

Have an awesome week!   

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