Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's OK to discipline your Kids

My family is very important to me.  When I have free time I spend it with them.  I love seeing my daughter and son grow before my eyes and how they learn, how they smile and how they interact with each other.  Even as I sit here now blogging, I am watching them laying together on the couch side by side, best friends.

When dealing the happy times and all the situations where they are doing what they are supposed to be doing-I am happy!  Of course they are kids-So they will make mistakes(just like we do) and as much as I don't enjoy it they have to have consequences.  Kids need to be disciplined. I see examples every day with parents, some are friends of mine that give in constantly to their children and give them what they want.  What is it teaching them?  I have heard this.."I can't take my kids phone away, that would be social suicide!"  HUH?  or how about this one, "I can't get involved in my kids Twitter account or Facebook, it is invading their privacy."  Privacy?  They are kids---There should not be any privacy.
Here's a good article from the Wall Street Journal about Kids and Privacy online

Many situations that I see also have to do with split families.  Dad does one thing and mom does another-  It's important to put your differences aside for your children-Being selfish about what is better for you is not going to help your children.  If you ground your kid-don't send them to grandmas for the weekend so you can hang out with friends.  If you say no computer/electronics for a week-then that means no computers/electronics for a week.  If you have to stay home with your kid-stay home.  Disciplining your kids is most of the time harder on the parents than it is on the kids.


Be consistent
Sacrifice your own wants for your kids
Don't give in too soon
Know what your kids are doing(Honestly they can have privacy when they turn 18!)

Just love on your kids- Teach them discipline, I promise they will thank you later on in life.

And Finally:

Don't be a "Friend" to your child: 


Have a Wonderful and blessed week!