Saturday, January 25, 2014

Being a role model

Always being on your game= difficult!  As adults, educators, frankly as human beings we have a tough time always doing the right thing.  We have numerous things in our life each and every day that we deal with that can effect our actions, behavior and overall attitude.  It's times like these that are tough to be the person that our kids need us to.   

Kids these days have people that they look up to.  Many times its celebrities or athletes or someone else famous.  I remember looking at sports stars when I was younger and wishing I could be just like them and wonder what it would be like to have all the money in the world or be rich and famous.  TV reality shows are all many of our kids watch these days.  

The big question is this:

Has there ever been a little 8 year old girl that said, "When I grow up I want to be like my mom."??  Are there little boys that say, "I hope I'm just like my dad when I grow up."  

The answer is even though they may not verbalize it every child gets many of their habits and traits from their parents or people they are around all the time.  What kind of person do you want your child to grow up to be?  

As an educator many times part of our responsibility is to help parents.  As a parent or a teacher you are a role model and you can make a difference.  So the next time you start to say something, the next time you think about posting on Facebook, and the next time you are discipling your kids, STOP and think-Am I setting a good example for this kid?  Do I expect as much out of myself as I expect out of this kid?

Be a role model-Each kid deserves it.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 to 2014

Reflecting to Learn-I knew I picked the title of my blog for a reason!  2013 has been a magical year for me and my family.  Looking back on my professional, personal, and spiritual journey this past year I can't be happier and feel more blessed.  I always however come up with some things I really want to improve in the coming year.  I don't believe in short-term resolutions(many of them are a little out there and unreachable) but there should be some small things that each person should focus on to help them have a great year-Enjoy!

1. Quality Family Time
*Shut off the phone, put down the iPad/iPod, turn off the TV and talk to each other.  As a family our goal this year is to downgrade on electronics and upgrade on more quality time.  Get rid of your cable TV(can you really watch that many channels), pick up a book, help your child with homework, draw a picture-READ a BOOK.  Many of these things as parents we can model for our children.  I have already read more books in the past year than I think I have read my entire life.  Take time at night to put your kids to bed. Spend more quality time with your family-You and them will be better off for it.  

2. Read more and Share your thoughts(PLN!)
*Put together a reading plan. I read more books in the past year than I think I have ever read in my entire life.  Read for enjoyment or read to increase your knowledge. Read your Bible, pick up a self-help book that really dives into your life and how you reflect each and every day.  Another important part is to share your thoughts.  Join a men's group or a women's group.  Join Twitter!  It is very important to have people in your life that you can share thoughts with and reflect with.  I have developed a wonderful PLN in the past year and really look forward to what 2014 will bring.

3. Exercise and Eat Healthier(Don't go crazy though)
*Many people take it to the extreme each year and their diet lasts for about a week before they are done! Please don't do that.  Put together and plan-Simple and what works for you.  Maybe you start exercising for 20 minutes 3 days a week.  After a month try to lengthen it.  Eat a little healthier, maybe substitute a salad for a meal or eat more fruit and vegetables instead of junk food.  Drink lots of water in 2014 and put down the soda pop.  

4. Give and Volunteer like there is no tomorrow
*Many of us spend way to much money on junk.  Do we really need that new phone?  Is there a need to get a brand new vehicle?  Did you realize that their are many people out there that don't have a warm coat to wear let alone a phone with internet, unlimited data, etc???  Give, Give, Give.  Volunteer for someone that can't do it oneself.  There are numerous places to visit and help others of need.  Take some time in 2014 to give back to those that need.  It can also again be a great example for your kids and other adults.  Instead of buying a new vehicle, buy a used one and use the left over money to donate some food to a food pantry.  Love on others this year in 2014 and you will feel better about yourself for it.

5. Reflect each and every day
*The most important thing a person can do each and every day is reflect and learn.  Reflect on what you are reading, the mistakes you make, how the people in your life make you feel and how you make them feel.  A person's life is so short.  Many of us don't realize how fast it moves and how much of an influence we can have on another person's life.  So take each day one at a time and love on others as much as you can.

I hope your 2014 brings you hope, love and peace!