Sunday, August 18, 2013

Being positive is contagious

Every Thursday night I meet with some great friends around a fire pit and we talk about our week, what has gone right and what we might need a little extra help with.  One of the most talked about topics is the workplace. One conversation in particular has stuck with me.  Everyone has rough days at work.  All of us have days where we would rather stay in bed than go to work.  There are people at work we don't want to see, don't want to talk with and definitely dont want their negative vibes rubbing off on us.
Negativity is contagious if you let it be--Being positive is also!  My good buddy Shaughn talked that evening about his struggles to stay positive about work and keep a good attitude.  He then talked about someone he heard talking on the radio about each and every day YOU have the choice of how your day will go.  YOU have the choice to be positive in your workplace or negative.

Being Positive can be contagious.  CHOOSE to greet that negative person in your building with a smile and a "Hello." If you are positive and friendly with people they will be the ones that are uncomfortable.  Kill them with kindness.  The positive vibes will spread throughout the building and rub off on the rest of your staff.
Each and every day set your mind right.  Find out what it will take to put you in the right frame of mind.  Is it a good song on the radio?  A good morning workout?  Or just a good walk in the hallways.

Reflection is learning-Positive Behavior is contagious. Reflect each and every day, clear your mind and You will be that positive person that everyone will want to be around.

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