Saturday, September 7, 2013

MTSS and Why its right for our Kids

This past week I had the opportunity to present with an outstanding group of administrators from #Basehorlinwoodschools at the Kansas MTSS(Multi-Tiered System of Supports) conference in Wichita.  The presentation was titled "What's best for our kids".  We talked about the process that we as a district had gone through and where we were at in the process.  --Special thanks to @ftwiedmann for all his guidance throughout the process.

MTSS is a system that is put in place with interventions to help students improve in a certain area. As a district we chose reading.  We looked at our scores, students, curriculum, etc and decided as a group that Reading needed to be a focus as we move forward.  At BLHS we(Building Level Team) look specifically at Vocabulary and Comprehension.  That is what was right for OUR kids.

It's sad many times to see adults that can't read.  They read something and then have no idea what they just read.  They don't understand simple vocabulary, therefore cannot put sentences/words together to make sense of what they are reading.  

The MTSS process-a complicated one--if nothing else has done one thing to the leaders in our district---It has FORCED us to take an honest reflection at ourselves and look at what's best for OUR kids.  We are not worrying about just having the highest test scores, highest ACT(don't get me wrong we put alot of focus on those) but we are looking at what the kid in the middle is scoring-Are all kids being successful?

****As a teacher each day change your view from ----I taught the kids, they should know it.          

 TO--How should I teach EVERY kid so they CAN know it!!

MTSS is a good answer and I am excited to see where it takes our kids in the future.



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Dates to Remember in Bobcat Land
Sept. 20-No School
     Basehor Linwood Ed Foundation Golf Tournament

Sept. 21st-ACT Test

Sept. 26th--Homecoming Parade
Sept. 27th--Homecoming vs. Lansing 

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