Sunday, June 29, 2014


Each and every day we have situations in our life where we struggle.  We have something go wrong, someone let us down or maybe a tragic thing happened in your life.  We can look at each of these situations differently.  We can turn away, curl up and think that nothing is going to go right for us. People will be tell you there is nothing that you can do, you start to believe it.---------OR-------You can have...


Everything will work out....we can make it all better, with help from others and positive thoughts.  As educators we not only deal with these situations ourselves, but we are surrounded by hundreds of kids and adults each and every day that need HOPE in their life.

As you work to grow in your professional career, remember that you can be the HOPE for someone else.  Be that little voice of encouragement when others are putting them down.

Live to love today!


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