Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Twitter = Awesomeness

As a leader it is so important to be a lead learner.  The title of my blog is Reflecting to Learn.  Reflection is important, but learning is so much more.  Continuous reading, studying, watching and tweeting??  Tweeting??  Yes, I will say it, Twitter=Awesome.

Learning is a cycle that must be continued throughout life.  When you are improving you are getting worse.  As educators we must take every day by the horns and soak in all we can.   Learning from other people can be the most powerful.  Meaningful conversations that are intentional.  Networking-Who is in your professional learning network?(PLN)

Building a professional learning network can take alot of time.  Going to conferences, sending emails, also many times it may involve taking classes and spending lots of money.  All those instances are great for connecting to individuals that share the same passion or have similar/different ideas.  Twitter is free and you don't have to leave your couch to get professional development.  Example-There was a time in June where I was sitting on my couch in my front room in my sweatpants and at the same time I was attending the Missouri State Ed. Conference.  One of my PLN friends was tweeting from the conference everything that was happening-How awesome is that!  I have learned so much from Twitter and have made so many life long friends--My PLN challenges me, supports me, and questions me.

The most important part about my PLN is that they are my positive people.  Many times I will get an email or a tweet from one of them that just brightens my day.  There are challenges out there and will continue to be-Surround yourself with positive people.

So take a few minutes-sign up for a Twitter account-and start Tweeting.  #PLN #education #positivepeople  #ifyoudontknowwhatahashtagisthatsok .  For educators there are numerous chats each and every night that I have learned so much from.

*Bonus-If your kids have Twitter you can follow them-We must learn and know what our kids are doing


Next Week is Thanksgiving Break

--Remember to be thankful for those things that you have and give to those that are less fortunate!

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