Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thank your Teachers

Have I ever told you that the teachers I work with are awesome!?  Have you as a parent, student or educator ever thanked a teacher for what they do?  Many times when we graduate we go off to college or work and don't think twice about high school. Its not until years down the road we look back and see what that one, two or three teachers did for us when we were in school.

At Basehor-Linwood High School we have a group of outstanding teachers.  All of them work countless hours to see that they help each children learn.  They plan lessons, grade papers, build curriculum and spend countless hours working with our students to ensure success. Our teachers that we have don't always get the credit they deserve.  We as leaders, students and parents ask so much of them without even knowing it.  Think about that teacher that inspired you.  Did they teach you how to measure angles, read about Romeo and Juliet or that there really was a 2nd gunman on the Grassy Knoll?  Or did they teach you how to have respect, critically think and problem solve?

I remember a teacher that I had in middle school.  The one that inspired me to be an educator.  Mr. Spangler was my middle school English and Social Studies teacher.  I honestly don't remember much about English and Social Studies, but I do remember how much he cared about me.  I remember how hard he worked to come up with lessons to keep me engaged and how he showed up years later at a family function still showing his support.  He taught me how to respect other people and hard work.  I had teachers in high school and college who pushed me and challenged me more than I had ever been pushed.  At times I didn't like them, but now I appreciate them more than ever!

Take a few moments in the next couple weeks and Thank a teacher.  Thank them for the work they do with your child.  The teachers at BLHS work hard at building relationships and they put themselves out on a limb for our students.  Trust me-It's an awesome group that we work with and I would put them up against any group anywhere.  So from the bottom of my heart-Thank you to all teachers and I hope that all of you take a minute to say thank you also!



Next Week in Bobcat Land!

November 11th--No School-Inservice/Collaboration for the teachers

November 14th-17th-  SHREK the Musical
Make sure you contact the BLHS for reserved seating tickets 913-724-2266

November 11th-15th  "Dead Week" Before Winter Sports Practice Starts

November 18th- Winter Sports Practice Starts

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