Monday, March 31, 2014

What are your kids doing?

This is a question that I always ask parents.  Do you know what your kids are doing?  Do you know where they are? Who they are talking to? What they are texting, tweeting or snap chatting? As parents you need to know and you should also want to.

One response that I struggle with is when a parent tells me, "I'm not sure I want to get into their business or their private life."  Earlier this year, I wrote a blog titled, "Let Parents Parent." It is so true.  This is the opportunity to step up and be a parent.  As parents we have the right to be nosey and know what our kids are doing.  We not only have the right, but we have the obligation to do so.   

The other day my daughter, who is 5, asked my wife when she could get a cell phone.(My answer is always never) She said, "When I'm 16 mom?" Of course she responded that maybe by the time she was 16.  Some kids have them earlier, in fact my mom teaches 1st grade and says that 10 of her 12 kids have cell phones.  How early is too early for kids to have a cell phone?

 Do kids just go outside and play anymore?

 I don't know the answers to these questions but they are important questions to ask.

The important thing to remember is we have to know what our kids are doing.  I am a huge advocate for technology and think it should be used in all aspects of education and at home.  But kids must know how to use it and as parents that is our job. As parents Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your child have access to the internet?
Do you know what websites they visit on the web?
Do you know who else is reading thier tweets, looking at their pictures, etc? 
Would you rather know what they are putting out there and they be a little mad at you for "prying" into their privacy or not know and something happens to them?

I don't claim to be the best parent, I love my kids, but they are my kids not my friends.  Please make sure you take a minute and know what how your kids are using technology.  Talk to them, invade their privacy.  

Whether they like it or not...

Have a great weekend. 


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