Saturday, September 27, 2014

Learning from my Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect.
I make mistakes daily and reflect on them each and every day to see how I can get better.  Every day I meet with kids that have made mistakes.  Every time I meet with them I try to focus on the positive.  What can you learn from the mistake you just made?  How are you going to come back from the mistake?  Are there consequences?-YES  There are consequences for every choice we make throughout the day-some good, and some bad.  We can't help that, but we can learn something from every mistake that we make.

Don't Always hide your Mistakes

When talking to your kids, let them know that you make mistakes-They don't always need to know those, but they need to know that you aren't perfect.  They need to know that you have made them and work at correcting them.  The more you model that the more they will respond when you are talking to them about their mistakes.

For every mistake that is made there are two directions a person can go.  They can learn from it or they can not.  

Will you use it as an opportunity or Take it as a Failure?



  1. Good for you for working with students on how to handle mistakes and how to learn from them. They need role models who will help them deal with setbacks in a positive way. This is a great reminder to all of us who deal with giving students consequences for their mistakes to slow down and use it as a teachable moment. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jarred, I've been known to say...after a bad day (full of mistakes, I can make a bunch of them like a pro)--"Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is go right back into it the next day." Facing mistakes and learning from them are where the real lesson is. Courageous post. Thank you!

  3. I agree completely -- honesty about making mistakes creates an opportunity for learning. Taking the time to model how do handle this appropriately will benefit your students far beyond the school year. Well done.

  4. Jared - Thanks for sharing through your blog post! Mistake are going to happen, the learning from them is key! Hope to see you blogging again soon! I am sure things are busy but would love to hear what else is happening in your world!