Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Encourage, Attitude, Commitment

As I start my new journey as the lead servant of Basehor Linwood High School in August I have started to think about what I can do to help teachers, students and community members come together to help each and every one of our kids be successful.  Success can be measured in many different ways and each student can take many different paths in order to get there.

To help myself focus I always try to think of words or phrases that help simplify things.  After speaking to a few of my building leaders three words kept coming up: Encourage, Attitude and Commitment.  

Doesn't the below statement say it all.  As staff members we can encourage daily.  Build kids up don't tear them down.  No matter what is happening we can encourage them to do better.  As students we can help each other become better by being a positive encouragement for that kid that is having a bad day.  We can be that one person that made them smile for the day.  As parents we can make the most impact. Tell your child to keep up the good work, tell them to keep working hard. Tell them good job!  Encourage them.  As teachers and adults we must look at the good things and don't always focus on the negative!

There is a saying out there that says, Misery loves company.  It is so true!  We have to come to work, school and home each day with a positive attitude.  Is everything going to always go your way?  NO!  Will things change if you sit around and pout or complain or think the world is against you? No, many times they will get worse and you will accomplish nothing.  Let's face it, not everything is going to go your way. Trials are daily in your life.  There are always hardships that do not seem fair, sicknesses that don't heal, or people that are just plain mean to you. You have the choice to think positive or not.  How you decide will effect others around you look on life also!


In or out.  You're either with us or against us.  Commit to doing the right thing.  What is the right thing for your child?  What is the right thing for the student?  Can you commit to doing what is right even when it is the harder thing to do?  There are rules and regulations that we all need to follow, but we can together if we commit to doing the right thing.

Encourage, Attitude, Commitment.  Together we can do what is necessary to help all of our students. And each other!



Have a blessed day!

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