Saturday, December 31, 2016

#OneWord2017 BE

We as human beings are busy. We are always running around because we are so busy. We have schedules and things that we always have to do. 

What if we didn't have schedules? What if we took time to just BE or to just sit and reflect? How would our kids react? What if we stopped worrying about what the next thing was we had to do and just worried about the present?

In my job, there are times where I am going from place to place. There are days when I get pulled in many different directions and talking to many different people. I go home and still struggle with staying away, keeping up and making sure that everything is done for the next day.

I as a father, Christian, husband, educator, among other things, I have to take time To Be. Just BE. Stop what I am doing and Be. Be the leader, the father, the husband I need to be. Take time to just sit and BE. Relax and refocus, refresh. Be the role model, Be the one person that listens, that when a student needs help or someone to listen to I can Be that person. 

I plan to use my one word to BE in 2017.  

I hope each of you have a fruitful and blessed 2017.  



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