Monday, October 14, 2013

Be a child- Every Day!

Every day is different.  Every person is different.  Every child is different.

As I reflect back on the week that was I think a lot about my own children.  What are they thinking? Are they happy? Am I teaching them the difference between right and wrong? Are they growing up to be good kids, friends, Christians, brothers, sisters, etc.? I look at my job as a parent and realize that I have one of the best jobs and one of the toughest jobs!
As an administrator/leader many times we are asked to do both parent and lead.  We really get to see kids at their best and in other instances we get to see kids at their worst.  As I talked about before in a prior post, there are many faces that we as leaders wear during the day.  Not only leaders, but teachers can also wear many hats-It is important to recognize this. One face that I haven't mentioned before, but think might be the most important is the face of a child.

It is so refreshing to look at my own kids and think about what it must be like to be a kid again.  There are no worries, learning is a constant and all you have to worry about is to eat and grow.  The innocence of a Child.  It is so important for each of us every day to Be a Child.  Take a few minutes to look at the flowers, smell the air and smile.  When we smile others will smile--Greet everyone with a smile tomorrow and see the reactions you will get.  Look your enemy in the eye and smile!  Take a minute during your day to realize how lucky you are to be working with kids every day and seeing them grow right before you eyes.

Be a Child if even for a minute every day and see how much it will change you view on the day.  I know that every minute that I get to see my own kids grow and play is precious.  I look at different kids in the hallways whether they are freshman or seniors and get goosebumps when I see how they mature and grow each and every day and that I may have had some influence on them in a positive way.

Don't forget to BE A CHILD tomorrow!


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