Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Look, Listen and Love

Every day is special.  Realize that.  Take a minute to Recognize that you only have so many days on the earth to make a difference.

Each day we have the opportunity to look a person in the eye, listen to what they have to say and love on them in any and every way possible.  Why so many times as educators, friends, parents, etc., do we walk right by?  Why do we look, but don't listen?


See what walks in front of you.  Put away your iPhone for a few minutes, set down your iPad and just look at what is around you.  As an educator, what types of kids walk in our halls?  What is the look on their faces when they walk in the building?  What can you tell by looking at your teachers in the mornings and seeing the worn, tired faces or the excited, nervous look.  Parents, take a minute to look at your kids when they leave in the mornings.  Invest in your kids more than you invest in yourself.  

Here's a great article about Paying attention to your child.  IT is vital that we do that each and every day. Not just our children, but people around us.  LOOK each day how you can help another person. There is a reason that that someone was put into your life-Don't miss an opportunity to make a difference.


There are people who can look.  They can see the problem, but refuse to act on it.  They Look and then turn away.  They see the kid in the hallway without a friend.  They see the person on the street who has been fired from three jobs, lost their house and now has nothing.  They see the child-homeless, no food, yet they continue to walk on and refuse to listen to those things that are calling them.
One of Steven Covey's 7 Habits is Listening.  He understood the fact that people don't listen.  They even sometimes hear the screams, call-outs, but often turn a deaf ear.

Kids and adults want to be understood.  They want to be heard.  Listening doesn't mean that you can walk in their shoes, it doesn't mean that you can tell them that you understand what they are going through.  It can be used in its most essential form-just plain listening.  Kids talk and sometimes want us to just listen.  Don't give them advice, other times they want advice.  If you are listening you will find the answer.
LISTEN each day to that person that needs your help.  LISTEN to those that are excited about things.  Sometimes they just need a person to LISTEN.

3) Love

People often mis-use the word Love.  They don't understand what Love really is.  Love is not necessarily an emotion.  It is not necessarily an action.  It's not necessarily a feeling.  Love doesn't have to mean a sexual thing.  It doesn't have to mean that you want to form a relationship with a person.  Love can be simply saying hi to someone as you pass them in the street.  It can be as simple as shaking hands to greet another person.  Love is being with your kids without a bunch of distractions and talking to them about their day, dreams, and thoughts.  Love is patting a co-worker on the back when they have done a good job.  Love can even be throwing a few dollars to the person that is homeless standing on the corner.
The quote above, "Where there is love, there is life." is so true.  As educators we should love all our kids.  By doing this it means we treat them with respect, honor, and support them.  It also means we may have to discipline them, hold them accountable and push them to be the best they can be.  As a lead learner I want all kids to feel safe and supported when they are at school.
LOVE each day with a passion.  Treat everybody with respect.  The more you LOVE the more life you can influence.



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