Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why Every Child deserves to Read!

My daughter told me tonight as we finished reading a story that she knew how to read.  I looked at her and said, "Not quite yet, but before too long you will be able to read."  She was insistent that she had read downstairs at some point.
We as a family had made it a point to read to our kids every night.  Kennadi is 4 and she sometimes seems like she can read as well as she can recite many of the books we have word for word.  Now I realize that as she gets into Kindergarten and 1st grade she will hopefully begin putting sounds together and learning phonics while beginning to learn how to read.  I am so excited to see and hear the day when she begins reading and she can read me the book instead of me reading it to her.  I know it will get tougher and we will have times when she will be frustrated, but it hopefully, eventually will lead to the magical tool of reading.

Reading is the most important tool we can give to our youth of today as they go out into the real world.  I understand that soft skills are important and people skills, but reading is something that kids and adults can get places with.  Here is a great blog that I found that talks about the 10 reasons for kids to read and it really makes sense if you look closely enough.  Reading can improve concentration, vocabulary and imagination-Who wouldn't want that?

In our schools today we focus on many things-Technology, test scores, evaluations, science experiments, character education, etc.  Don't twist my words around, ALL of these are important and they all make a difference when teaching a child. Reading is something however that I think every child deserves.  EVERY CHILD deserves to read!  Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and learning is reading.

So take a minute tonight regardless of how old your kids are(high school, elementary, middle school) or for goodness sakes look at your self and read!  Put your phones, computers, iPads away and read to your kids, read a good book and see how the imagination flows.

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